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The author

I live in the UK and am a journalist who started out in the late seventies writing about women and their lives. In the eighties and the early nineties I was a prolific writer – and was also in therapy trying to get over a turbulent childhood.

I wrote a lot about personal issues as I began to see how I’d been operating as a result of my early experiences – and how other people operate as well. It was the start of a deep and ongoing interest in women’s emotional issues and how they live their lives – and how this either does or doesn’t produce contentment and happiness …Read more…

The books

‘Because many banks don’t follow the law and statutory guidelines properly they can’t enforce much unsecured debt when it comes down to it; this short book shows how I stood up to them – and won. And if I can do it, anyone can.’

‘Dealing with the loss of a major relationship and finding new hope’

‘Seeking Romance on the web – or at least having fun looking for it’